It goes without saying: travel has so many benefits. One of the greatest rewards of travel is taking empowering steps in self-development. There is a reason entertainer Danny Kaye’s quote, “To travel is to take a journey into yourself,” speaks to so many of us with wanderlust.

Not only are you actively seeing for yourself places and cultures you may only have seen in pictures, but at the same you’re building a myriad of memories that will last a lifetime. The joys of such adventures help you discover things about yourself you may never have realised from the comfort of your home.

If you’re still pondering whether to drop your responsibilities (for a mere moment of course) and get away from it all, our top 10 reasons to travel will have you wanting to book your next road trip away in no time!

Who knows – maybe you’ll discover something new about yourself on your journey? We all know a journey to nurture your body and soul is a responsibility we should each indulge in from time to time ☺

Ready to get moving? Here’s what you can look forward to:

10. Take a chance for self-reflection

Travel gives you a much-needed opportunity to really get back to who you are, what makes you tick, and potentially rediscover parts of yourself that have been lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life back home. There’s nothing quite like a long drive on an open road to clear the mind.

9. Find inspiration in nature’s many wonders

To travel as a means of personal growth doesn’t necessarily have to involve 5-star hotels, expensive meals and stylish surrounds.

Looking up at an endless canopy of stars from a campsite in unfamiliar surrounds, or taking a refreshing dip in a natural waterfall at the end of an afternoon hike can bring about contentedness you wouldn’t have otherwise thought possible.

If the simplicities of nature are where you find your biggest inspirations, there are lots of ways to keep money stress to a minimum by planning a cheaper road trip and exploring the natural wonders this world has to offer.

8. Meet like-minded souls

Travellers share a love of adventure and exploration; that’s why when we travel, we tend to wind up finding and connecting with like-minded souls. What better way to feed your own travel bug and inspire leaps of faith than to be regaled with tales from free-spirited travellers who are on their own journey?

7. Try something new

Odds are, you don’t get too many opportunities to try a new activity in your day to day life. Travelling is the perfect opportunity to change that! On the road, open-mindedness often inspires adventure, so why not give bungee-jumping, hiking in the wilderness or even snow sports a shot on an adventure road trip? You could even learn a new language while you’re at it. The sense of accomplishment you’ll get from giving it a go will leave you feeling empowered!

6. Build a library of great stories

We all have a relative or friend who is known for telling the BEST travel stories. They don’t have to be about how they “found themselves” on the road either. The best, most memorable tales usually revolve around funny encounters with locals, or hilarious anecdotes of times they really had to push their own limits as a traveller. Travel can give you a chance to take the crown as the #1 storyteller in your crew. These stories will be experiences you can share for years to come, enriching your own life and hopefully those around you too!

Added bonus: If you’re like many of us and go photo crazy on holidays, surrounding yourself with your best travel snaps is a great way to way to build positive vibes filled with happy times.

5. Open your mind to other ways of life

We’re lucky enough to live in a diverse world, with innumerable landscapes, cultures, and climates worth a visit. Travelling to foreign shores can give you a first-hand look at these different cultures. It’s the best way to experience new ways of living – you’ll meet people who may have different values and belief systems to yourself, taste foods you may not even have heard of, and see amazing locations, architecture and cultural artefacts to expand your own world. Even road tripping in Australia, you’re bound to discover different cultures and ways of life along the way. We are a multicultural country after all!

4. Experience a deeper sense of gratitude

It’s healthy to take time to give thanks for positive elements of your life. Visiting and working with cultures and people less fortunate is a good way to gain better perspective on your own life. Volunteering at a grassroots level is a sure-fire way to learn more about our world while giving back. You’ll come back with more appreciation for what and possibly even who you have in your life back home.

3. Get to know your travelling companions

Along with self-reflection, travelling with others also gives you the chance to get to know your companions a little (or a lot) better. Whether you’re travelling with a new partner, a long-time love, members of your family or a group of friends, spending long periods of time together shows you what each person is really like – and of course, how compatible you are together! It’s a great way to see what makes other people tick, test relationships, learn and grow together.

2. Re-energise, recharge and refresh

We all need time to relax and unwind for the sake of a positive life balance. Taking a trip away gives our minds and our bodies a chance to let go of everyday stressors.
It’s about saying ‘yes’ to doing things that we enjoy, slowing down and taking care of ourselves. Some time out helps you come back refreshed, ready to take on the world again! After all, we can’t run at 110% all the time, and need to take notice of when we need a much-needed breather.

To be your best, you need to feel your best. Taking a trip away, whether that’s driving on your own self-adventure or road tripping with your best mates, lets you recharge your batteries on your own time.

1. Discover the unexpected

Perhaps one of the most unexpected elements of diving head-first into your dream road trip is discovering a new path or purpose. Maybe you realise your heart is in another place, or actually that the home base you’ve been questioning is the right place for you! You may come into contact with someone on the road who puts you on a whole different trajectory, career-wise or motivation-wise, that you never saw coming. These unexpected treasures of travel are truly one of the most fulfilling reasons to take that long-awaited road trip.

So, what are you waiting for? Your next adventure awaits.

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