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There's a reason your car might not be clean on the outside

Much of NSW is now in drought. In some areas water levels are so low that strict water restrictions are in place. Thrifty like most of the community understands the need to conserve what little water remains at any cost. As a result, until these restrictions are lifted we are unable to wash our vehicles at a few key locations including Gunnedah, Tamworth, Armidale & Bathurst. We are very sorry for the inconvenience this may cause and trust you understand the reason. Rest assured we will still ensure our vehicles are roadworthy and sound, with clean interiors. 

Please remember that driving in dusty drought conditions can be dangerous. Please slow down and stay safe during this difficult time. 

Whether you’re going on a road trip through the Australian outback, moving houses, or partaking on a weekend getaway with friends- we’ve got the transport covered. Look no further and hire a car from Thrifty!
Thrifty Car Hire offers the best car rental service in Australia with locations in all the right places. Our pickup locations are sprinkled throughout Australia’s most popular holiday destinations, major CBD’s, and airports. Wherever you are, we’ll set you up with the car rental deal best suited for your plans. 
Simply book online or walk into a pickup location to rent a car that will perfectly suit your needs. We make it easy to rent a car in Australia! Our diverse fleet covers all bases from people movers to luxury vehicles to trucks
Thrifty Car Hire is proud to say that we are the only Australian-owned international rental car brand being 100% owned by NRMA.